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Gentleman Jack

Trumpicatures – [series]

A series of claymation charicatures of D.J. Trump

Blown-Away Man (Steigman) tribute

Vauseman 4 life #oitnb

(re-)Modellling Icons; Leah Adler

A friend asked me to re-model based on an existing image of the awesome dancer Leah Adler – here you can see the original image side by side with the model

Grumpy Teen

Stills from the #Superfan music video (series)

Return to the music video Return to the music video

(Re-)modelling Icons: Batman – Dark Knight



One way only

Posh set of super-short “Chandelier” animation (photoseries)

  >> See the Chandelier video on YouTube    

Characters and set for music video “What Happens Next” (series)

>> see the music video on YouTube

Screen-shot from “Joy” – the six second challenge

Referee (from Time Out)

  From “Time Out“

Bieber clay character makes “cameo” in music video

>> more on the music video

Stills from “What if …” (series)

(entry made it to the final selection in the BBC What If competition 2013)   See the short here

Main guy “Casa Mobile”

The hero of the  claymation project, “Casa mobile”  (selected by the Art By Chance Festival 2012)

Characters and props from “Reality check” (series)

                           See the finished video on Vimeo, or  YouTube  

Stills from Wide Awake music video (series)

Stills from my stop motion animation music video for the song  Wide Awake (by Katy Perry):    

Santa character

I made this little Santa model in Fimo (Cernit) clay and a natural cotton beard, and dressed him up in wooden clogs and a nitted outfit.

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