Check out the most popular animated shorts and music videos embedded below, or jump straight to the yhAnimation YouTube channel. If you want to see some stills, character designs and sets from the different videos, just check out the stills page.

Gentleman Jack” Anne and Ann”

Gentleman Jack: “The thermometer”

Gentleman Jack: “Passing by”

Permanently Pressed

Animated short story written by Nicole Chakalis for Dead Housekeeping



Been Up

Official animated teaser/promo for Been Up (80 Reef)



My Way

Animated scene from upcoming Bloomy Kismet music video



Legendary Lovers

My first “lyric video”, I give you: the lyrics to “Legendary Lovers” (by Katy Perry)



Shawn Ford: “What Happens Next?” – official music video



Wide Awake – animated music video



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This was my first stop motion and it got A LOT of unexpected attention after the “release” in may 2012:

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Time Out

Time Out is a fun and slightly surrealistic animation short about a boy taking his dog for walk in a city park, and then something happens …




A salute to anyone who loves to swing from a chandelier (Featuring Claymation Sia)



Why can’t I just use email? – droppoint advert

Advert – infomercial for droppoint, a storage, sharing and communications tool.




“Convey Joy in six seconds, using one character & reveal the cause of the emotion”. Here’s my effort:



Superfan (official music video)

S!NG is a pop/rock duo formed by “Nothing Still” lead guitarist Anthony James and British singer-songwriter Ali Moore.
Listen to more of their music on: and follow the band on: @OFFICIALSING /Facebook

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Instant Philosophy no.1 René Descartes

This humorous philosophy lecture explains René Descartes’ most famous philosophic musings in half a minute.

In this stop motion animation I made use of clippings from a large number of old paintings from the time of Descartes (give or take a century or two 😉

The medieval-ish/renaissence-ish music for this film is obviously self composed, and as you can easily tell from the result: THAT was a lot harder than one could expect.

  Click on the image (below) to see the animated short

If you’d rather view this video on Vimeo, try this Vimeo link


“What if …” made the short-list for the BBC competition!

This is my entry to the BBC world wide competition “What If…” (2013)

To my great and happy surprice, the film made it all the way to the short list!

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If you’d rather view this video on Vimeo, try this Vimeo link

Check out still photos from the video


Reality Check – it’s a man’s world

So I really wanted to make this favorite old comic/joke into a short film. I felt had to develop my own story-line to accompany the plot, and had many different ideas, before landing on this particular story. Oh, and I had such a good time building this set and the different props!

If the YouTube-version (below) doesn’t work for you, please click here for the Vimeo version 🙂


Check out still photos of characters, props and behind the Scene shots

The Ultra Short animation “Casa Mobile” selected for the Art By Chance Festival 2012

My “ultra short” claymation Animation, Casa Mobile, was selected to be part of the Art By Chance Festival 2012, and screened on public screens in over 200 cities world wide! That was pretty cool!


ARTBYCHANCE 2012 – Casa Mobile by Yvonne Haugen from ART BY CHANCE on Vimeo.

A IS FOR – “Scarlet Ribbon and The Big Fat Suits

A Is For, is a campaign for Women’s Rights, and the scarlet ribbon is their symbol. Thought I’d show my support by making this tiny little animation …

You can read more about the campaign over at


If you can’t access YouTube, try this A Is For “Scarlet Ribbon and The Big Fat Suits” from Vimeo link.